The Vampire Diaries Book Vs Show

In the pilot, the viewers learn alot of things that many book fans compare to. I for one, am a book fan of the series, in fact L.J. Smith is one of my favorites. Although I prefer the Night World books she wrote. The first book of the Vampire Diaries is about a blonde girl, Elena Gilbert, whose parents have died in a tragic car accident. This is the first thing:

Elena’s Blonde Hair Vs Dark Hair

The infamous blonde hair has been discribed many times through out the book series, it’s a different change to the dark haired bulgarian we picture when we think of Elena Gilbert. Nina Dobrev was one of many young girls who auditions for the part of the spunky diary writing teen. Julie Plec(Producer to the show), mentioned in the extras that came with the season one dvds, that hundreds of blondes came in but non of them really took their breath away like Nina did. No blonde brought that, including a famous face, Candice Accola who auditioned for the part but received the Caroline Forbes part instead.

Elena’s Friends

A famous change between the two characters are the two best friends in books vs the show,

Bonnie Bennett->Bonnie McCullough

Bonnie Bennett, played by Kat Graham.

Bonnie McCollugh, Small red head.

Meredith Sulez

There is not a character for Meredith, unless you count Meredith Fell. Which the only similarity is Alaric crushing, and name sharing.

The way Katherine and Elena look alike.

What a relief for show watchers, no doppelgangers. In The Vampire Diaries: The Hunters Vol. II, we discover that Elena and Katherine are Sisters! Well half sisters. It’s alot to explain and understand. Plus just go read, it is worth it. But, i will give you this, Elena finds this all out in a diary her mom kept. Other things: Elena in the books is considered selfish, spolied, vain, miss popular. It was Katherine who was innocent. Shocking to the fans who have only seen the show.

How old the Salvatore brothers are:

In the show, Stefan and Damon were turned by Katherine Pierce in 1864. Let me tell you how the book is. Katherine Von Swaterzchild. An innocent girl who almost died of a sickness. Klaus (an old one, not an “Original”) turned her. This all happened in 1477, when Stefan and Damon were human and alive. Yes, she is only months older than the brothers in human years!

The “Old Ones” Vs the “Originals”:

Any real fan to the hit show, knows about the spin off based on the Original Vampires. But in the books, only Klaus exsists. How odd you say? Well this all goes to the whole plot for L.J. Smith’s book series Night World which I mentioned earlier my fondness. No doubt, the old ones come from the same idea, where you are born a vampire. In the show, a witch Esther, turns her family to protect them from the wolves.  The old ones don’t need saving. Klaus, in the books, causes alot of trouble. Mostly after Elena dies. Her ghost warns Bonnie through her dreams. And Elena comes back at the end for her good deed.

Ok guys. Here are just some off the top of my head. 🙂 I really hope you guys enjoyed it! When we reach 50 follows, i feel that we should host a giveaway. hmm! 🙂 Let us know some cool ideas! Make us a fan header for April. WE are using a Supernatural Theme. Winner receives a shoutout on our 8k instagram page( @seductivetvd )

Love Bri


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