50 Shades of Grey Characters in Twilight

Character Name Changes

Anastasia Rose Steele-> Bella Swan
Christian Grey-> Edward Cullen
Kate Kavanagh-> Rosalie Hale
Ethan Kavanagh-> Jasper Hale
Elliot Grey-> Emmett Cullen
Mia Grey-> Alice Cullen
Carrick Grey-> Dr. Carlisle Cullen
Dr. Grace Trevelyan Grey-> Esme Cullen
The Trevelyans ->The Platts
José Luis Rodriguez, Jr.-> Jacob Black
José Rodriguez, Sr. ->Billy Black
Ray Steele ->Charlie Swan
Carla May ->Wilks Renée
Bob ->Phil Dwyer
Paul Clayton -.Mike Newton
Levi ->Eric
Andrea Angela-> Weber
Olivia ->Jessica
Ros Bailey-> Kate Denali
Gail Jones-> Gail Cope
Claude Bastille-> Laurent
Dr. John Flynn-> Dr. John Banner
Leila Williams-> Lauren Elliot
Elena Lincoln-> Irina Lincoln
Elizabeth Morgan ->Victoria Morgan
Jack Hyde-> James Smith
Samantha Prescott-> Samantha Jones
Luke Sawyer-> Ethan Stuart
Welch ->Jenks
Lily ->Jane

A list of charcters and based off. I always wondered myself, but now you know too!



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