Caroline Forbes Turns it off

In the last episode of The Vampire Diaries (6×15), we were filled with tears. Although the TVD Producers, such as Julie Plec and Kevin Williamson, have been known to mess with our hearts; This TVD episode ties up many story lines. The biggest plot line of the episode was burying Sheriff Liz Forbes(Caroline’s Mom). Liz Forbes has been a main character since the first season, and the “only person in Mystic Falls to die a normal death”. The episode is centred around Caroline dealing with the death, and Damon finally giving an eulogy.

TVD fans for months predicted the outcome of Caroline Shutting it all off, but it wasn’t until we found about Liz’s cancer, that we all knew it would happen. Season three, Caroline lost her Dad. Her best friend, Bonnie, was trapped on the other side. And the only people surrounding her, encourage her to move on. It wasn’t until the last 10 minutes of the episode that Caroline turns it off. Elena suspected it, and followed Caroline home. After Caroline fights with Elena, yellng and asking Elena why it was ok for her to turn it off when she lost Jeremy. But it was wrong and not ok for her. But Caroline snaps Elena’s neck, turning it all off.

Fans have can’t wait for March 12th, to see Caroline without her humanity. In the promo we see a few things, Caroline eating Liam(NOO MARCOOOO), rumors have been floating around as what will happen. What do you think? Who will lead Caroline back to the light? Will we get to see Klaus again? Or will it be Stefan!Thoughts?



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