Meet The Bloggers

Bri (@SeductiveTvd)

Age: 17 1/2

Location: Arizona, United States

Likes: Stelena, Klaroline, Dean, Emily Thorne, Bamon

Dislikes: STEROLINE.

Favorite Quote: “And then he started vomiting, and I’m like ew gross. So I had to stop that”, Kai Parker(6×12)

Which Supernatural Creature would I be: Witch, cuz I can hex you if you piss me off but only if i can be a bennett witch. Hello Cousin Bonbon

Favorite Doppelganger: Katherine. “Sorry, I got held up”

Favorite Fairy Tale Character: Red Riding Hood

Favorite Decade Dance: 1920’s (my actually prom theme this year. So ready to party)

Favorite Movie: Let’s be Cops

Favorite Song: Don’t Deserve You-Plumb

Dean or Sam: DEAN

Favorite Original Vampire: Rebekah

Stefan or Damon: STEFAN

What do I wanna be: Professional Fangirl


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